Eagle Pin Locks

Eagle Pin Locks Quality Design

Eagle Pin Locks Quality Design Eagle Pin Locks are manufactured to the highest standards. After intense development, testing and research America's trusted brand for king pin locks sourced the ultimate in RV and Semi-Trailer security devices. The result is an incomparable 1/2" thick steel enclosure with bright orange powder coating. The inset lock and 22" long woven ribbon completes each unit and come standard along with two keys per lock. Eagle Pin Locks are unparallel when it comes to the quality of materials used. The final result is a portable king pin lock that resists drill attempts and stays in place to protect valuable assets.

Why Eagle Pin Locks? Eagle Pin Locks is a brand that offers the security and strength to American travelers. Whether you’re an RV owner making your way across the states or a trucker responsible for valuable cargo, you deserve the peace of mind that Eagle Pin Locks product’s offer. The iconic Eagle is a symbol of strength and resilience but it also represents freedom. In this case our quality made pin locks signify freedom to roam without the concern over security. Finally, Eagle Pin Locks signature orange ribbons are visible from a distance. This bright orange ribbon actively assists in preventing accidental hitching attempts. This hitch prevention helps protect all vehicles involved saving time and potential repairs.

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