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How It Works

Eagle Pin Locks are pre-assembled. They come complete with two keys zip tied to each lock and the woven fabric ribbon nestled within the cylinder structure. The ribbon is attached to the pin lock with brass ring. This complete kit, when applied correctly aids in reducing the chances of intentional or unintentional coupling.

Eagle Pin locks offer a universal fit: it will apply to all kinds of fifth wheels including RV's and Semi-trailers. To use the pin lock, simply remove keys, unravel the ribbon and line up to the vehicle's king pin. Make sure the inset lock is facing the ground. Push the pin lock up to the vehicle king pin until the entire pin lock is securely surrounding the king pin. Next, using your key, lock the device and remove key for safe keeping. Test the fit by pulling at the lock by hand. Make sure that the fabric ribbon extends down straight. Check the ribbon from a distance verifying its visibility.

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